Calendar of the local meetings set up in the different jobsites

At the last GtoG Steering Committee meeting, organization of local meetings between the different actors of the value chain was agreed. Partners of same countries (demolition companies, recycling companies and gypsum producers) were encouraged to meet on the jobsites of the demolition company to foreseen the last logistics details of the plasterboard waste transportation from the jobsite to the recycling unit and then the gypsum recycled transportation from the recycling unit to the plasterboard company. There will be the following deconstruction and production trials located in 4 European countries:

  1. Jobsite of Occamat, based in Levallois Perret, France. Here, a local meeting between Occamat, Siniat France and representatives from Recovering and Eurogypsum has been organised on 4th February. In that occasion, the partners agreed on the logistics details to transport the gypsum based waste from the Occamat’s jobsite to the plant of Siniat in Auneuil.
  2. Jobsite of KS Engineering, based in Graben, Germany. Here, a local meeting between KS Engineering, GRI and Knauf has been organised on 28th February 2014. In that occasion, one of the five identical buildings constituting the jobsite has been visited and several walls were opened to show which types of plasterboard and what kinds of construction were used.
  3. Jobsite of Cantillon, based in London, UK. Here, a local meeting between Siniat UK, New West and Cantillon has been organised on 12th March 2014. In that occasion, a tour on the site was arranged to see and understand its characteristics.
  4. Jobsite of Pinault Gapaix in Paris, France. Here, a local meeting between Pinault Gapaix, New West and SG Placo has been organised on 18th April 2014.
  5. Jobsite of Recass in Brussels, Belgium. Here, a local meeting has been organised on 18th September 2014. The meeting saw the participation of the partners SG Gyproc, New West Gypsum Recycling, PIN, UPM and RECASS on the jobsite of the latter in Brussels, Belgium.