Donwload the GtoG reports now!

The full set of the GtoG reports and deliverables are finally available on the GtoG website! Just click on the reports’ names and you can download them.

  • A1 Action Reports. These reports present and analyse the current and best practices all over the 8 EU target countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK, establishing the crucial technical-economic-legislative and environmental factors for estimating the market share of gypsum recycling in a given country and drafting an economic and environmental analysis with the collected information.
  1. GTOG action A1-DA2 report – best pratices in Europe production to recycling
  2. GTOG action B1-DB1 report – Handbook best pratices of deconstruction
  3. GTOG action B1-DB2 report – Database
  4. GTOG action B1-DB2 report – European handbook in audit
  5. GTOG action B2-DB3 report – Waste Acceptance Criteria for gypsum based waste destined for recycling
  6. GTOG action B2-DC2 Executive Summary – Valorisation and qualification of gypsum waste
  7. GTOG action B2-DC2 report – Valorisation and qualification of gypsum waste
  8. GTOG action B3-DB4 report – production process parameters
  9. GTOG action C1 1-DC1 report – indicators for deconstruction
  10. GTOG action C1 1-Life cycle gypsum – GHG emissions
  11. GTOG action C1 4-DC3 report -Future Roadmap
  12. GTOG action D1-After Life Communication Plan
  13. GTOG action D1-DD4 report -Networking
  14. GTOG final guidelines for actions B21 and B22
  15. GTOG good practices
  16. GTOG project – Final Synthesis of GTOG
  17. GTOG synthesis of deliverables +E1 action
  18. Layman Report_for printing