GtoG project

Gypsum is indefinitely recyclable

Gypsum products can be counted amongst the very few construction materials where “closed-loop” recycling is possible, i.e. where the waste is used to make the same product again. Gypsum as such is 100% and eternally recyclable. You can always reuse Gypsum because the chemical composition of the raw material in plasterboards and blocks always remains the same. Gypsum is definitely a construction material with multiple environmental benefits!

Project Overall Objective

The main objective of the GTOG project is to change the way gypsum based waste are treated. Despite the fact that a closed loop is possible, the reality is different. The GtoG project aims at transforming the European gypsum demolition waste market to achieve higher recycling rates of gypsum waste, thereby helping to achieve a resource efficient economy. Close loop recycling for gypsum products will only happen if:

  • Dismantling practices are applied systematically (as a standard) instead of demolishing buildings;
  • Sorting of waste is preferably done at source, avoiding mixed waste and contamination;
  • Recycled gypsum will meet stringent specifications in order to be re-incoporated in the manufacturing process;

The Project wish to turn waste into a resource for close loop recycling in accordance to the criteria set in Article 6 of the Waste Framework Directive. Therefore, GTOG innovative concept includes an integration of the supply chain to achieve higher recycling rates of gypsum waste.